Naruto Birth of the Legendary Shinobi

by Goditz
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Well the login graphics weren't very great when you first come on. It looked like pictures that had been taken from the internet and just text added with paint over it, not a great effect. The character creation was alright, though buggy. When you made your guy he popped out in the middle of the screen right over text. And I could tell from the start, the game was laggin!

Gameplay: 4/10
When I finished my character creation I started out in leaf village, the first thing I saw was a spawn base with like 6 afk people there(So im guessing afk killing is aloud). When I walked into the main building I saw 3 guys who had kyuubi on, and one guy flew past me with cursed seal im guessing. Thats not a good element in the game if people can get those types of moves that fast. Now I could tell the server was lagging. The stat bars were filled of non-sense of verbs, it wasnt very organized either. And the start command had moves that I didnt even have yet to show how many times I did them! The combat looked alright though was too laggy to try. And I can tell that most of the code was not original. The genin exam was of questions only people who watch naruto would get, so if someone came on who didnt, they were screwed.

Graphics: 1/10
As before the starting graphics weren't good. And most all of the graphics were taken from other games and editted, or not editted at all. The graphics that were original weren't in a very good quality, usually using 3 colors at max with a not good effect. The game really looked like they tried to put it together as fast as possible with only 1 staff member.

Originality: 1/10
As said before, most code and graphics were ripped from other byond games. It did have some originality into its handseal design, where you have to grab the handseals from people to actually learn the jutsus, but that was nearly it.

Overall: 2/10
-cough-Iwarnedyou.-cough- Good review, NBOTLS Gets what it deserves.
i hate the forever lasting forest cant get to any vills i have to use tel or get summoned to get there is i ranked it for slowness to get to each village to anoughter it gets a 10!!!
shitstorm's a-blowin'
My god, it's taken long enough for another good review to show up on this god forsaken place.
Thanks, I hope this doesn't come in to a flame war/spam fest topic either. I also hope Nbolts members don't haunt me for the rest of my BYOND life too, but I did do this as honestly as possible.
What in the world did you do to those screenshots?
Foomer wrote:
What in the world did you do to those screenshots?

If you actually click on them and view the full thing they look good. I think BYOND's generating thumbnails for them in jpeg form with really low quality settings...
Ask byond, I put them down as thumbnails, byond just destroyed the quality. Click on them to see the real quality.
What I think happened: It's using the small thumbnails that are at the top of the post and scaling them up, resulting in garbage.

Anyways, you should be using PNGs here for your screenshots because BMPs are massive. I've provided them here in case you don't know how to convert them. (Don't link from my site, upload them to your site)
I love how he thinks its a dbz game by putting zenni machines and lifting weights
Wait, who?
The maker of nbotls
nah not realy cool if u got hunter-nin

and fighted a bit its getting boring :P
is fighted a word? lol the review gives a bad impression and im sure its all true. yet it remains a game that averages 40+ players lol
Main reason it has that many players is due to people that self host give themselves admin powers and edit themselves insanely then go into a mainstream server to spam, and like GOA its popular with "noobs*", BOTLS is not that great and I don't understand why people would rip that game....

*noobs in the sense they are new to byond
it isnt that laggy
The game is garbage.

Accurate score. It could have gotten a lower one.
This game was full of fail, goditz, failed.
I liked this game alot before there was a big change i liked the old NBOTLS
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