Keywords: development, music
I wanted a little break from developing visual stuff, so I tried to find something to make music with. The old win98 box I'm using is a challenge. Upgrade, you say? Yes of course, but my $$$ priority right now in life is pay off all debts. So DM is something to do with free time that on the average costs pennies per day.

So... music? I tried fmod designer and ugh! I can't stand the interface. The synth abilities is nothing like synthedit.

No, I prefer a tracker that hosts vsti and vst. Well finding one that doesn't crash on this crappy computer is a chore. I found some good ones that almost ran, one that lied about hosting vst that ran, and came up empty handed.

I wish my XP machine still worked. I had a decent tracker and could made my own vsti's with synthedit before it suffered the meltdown.

Does anyone know of a vst(i) hosting sequencer, tracker, etc, that runs on a venerable win98 geezerbox?
Heh, you should understand it doesn't cost money to get windows xp. Do it the way everyone does.... *cough* download n burn *cough* Tiny XP is what I recommend seeing how shitty your PC is.