After some tandem testing, both of these are now available for public download.

Mitadake High 1.6 Notes
Edit: Emergency Fixes
- Uploaded a new version at 10:25 PM that fixes an issue involving player slots (hopefully).
- Uploaded a new version at 10:45 AM that tests a fix for 'immediate joining'.
GM Changes: Muffintray-, Kinnakoa+
(Thank you to Muffintray for the time he spent moderating, even if it didn't end up working out.)
Custom Map Support
The original thought of this gave me a headache like no other. But after some tinkering over a few weeks and some testing, it seems to be working. You can create your own maps in the Map Editor (explained later) and play them in the game.
New Reset Method
The game now no longer resets via world.Reboot(). Instead, a rather unforgiving mass-deletion and Repop() handle things. This was done to make games flow a bit more evenly and to combat the skin and resource download errors we were having.

This received quite a bit of testing from the staff but it's always possible something isn't working right that we missed; in that case, reporting it is always best.
Item Changes
Syringes and their liquids spawn lower everywhere except the Nurse's Closets.
Several non-lethal weapons have had their damage reduced due to balance concerns.
Slightly lowered Alondite's spawn rate.
Dragging Upgrade
Since the previous dragging method was, quite frankly, retarded, I decided to use Kajika's Caterpillar Library to handle the way objects being pulled move. Hopefully this makes dragging things behave a bit more intelligently.
Hosting Change
The game will now display the person hosting the server, if known, on the hub in addition to all other relevant information. This probably should've been there a while ago, but hey, better late than never, etc.

Mitadake High Map Editor
This is the initial release of the map editor. It has been tested by staff and quite a few regular players have tested a few games when the server was up. This said, it still IS the first release, and therefore bugs are possible. Please keep this in mind while you're using the program; I'll try to fix all bugs that are found.

What Is This, Again?
The Map Editor. Previously, in MHS, you could only play the Default map. That being Mitadake High School. However, this program will let interested parties create their own map for whatever purpose they deem fit.

Feel like you could make a decent city map more appropriate for Death Note mode? Go for it. Host it on your server and let people play it along with you, or send the map file to your friend who can host and do it that way.

How To Use?
The program has a helpfile which, I believe, covers any relevant topics you could have trouble with. I will however, suggest that if you have a copy of the Mitadake High host files that you... err, host on, that the map editor files are placed in the same directory. This is because both the game and the editor save/load map files in the same directory as themselves, and it makes it much easier to do this way.

If you have any questions that you feel aren't explained elsewhere, you can post a comment on the game forums ( ).

The forums are currently having mail server issues, meaning you might not get your activation e-mail at all. I check new accounts every few hours and activate them, meaning you should be able to log in not long after that. Saya and I are trying to fix this, however, so the issue may be resolved before too much longer.

These two bits of updates took a few weeks and a lot of modification to get working properly. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if we missed a bug or two in testing. Keep this in mind while playing and editting.

Will you ever add more modes? Just wondering! I want something really cool to look forward too =]]
Devourer, I found a MAJOR bug. I've made my map, but nobody can grab items.
Cseru1 wrote:
Devourer, I found a MAJOR bug. I've made my map, but nobody can grab items.

Yeah, in containers, it'll be an issue for now. I'll upload a fix soon.
-Edited since my post was retarded DX-

I have one complaint about Muffin's Removal, first of all whatever charges Muffin is accused of should be Cleared... and if its about abusing Summoning (Which he did not... Im a Witness because I was summoned out of a Room >.> and did it Rply at that....) a Female Mod did it, not muffin. If this is about somethnig else that I have no proof of. Then you can blame him >.> but ive been a witness to alot so you cannot say that I dont know muffin, he wouldnt abuse THAT much, he would only do it to the point of making up a new fake Mode or banning someone for a Semi-Good reason... The only thing that I would strictly be mad for is if you took him off for being an asshole (Excuse my Language) >.> But anyways, all im saying is that Muffin isnt guilty of abusing Summoning no mater WHAT that L idiot who reported him without any proof says x.x
Some guys playing your mitadake high are random killing hacking and bug abusing here are their names:snakers hero99 and terec plz they are messing up the game for everyone.

plz ban them they are horrable and how do i make my server public
........That is Responsibility for the SERVER HOST....... and Hero99 doesnt hack technically and offically, his brother (Classic Story, Fully true, and MOST LIKELY non-believed) Alex dabbles in Amatuer Hacking, and even THEN I dont know if its either... OR if something is being done... So its STILL Responsibility for the Host (PS, I recall you as being an Annoying Noob on the game... So you should not even TALK about Random Killing Shadow >.>; or I think my Memory Fails me)
Hate to annoy you.....>.> maybe not, But I made a map, and I cant seem to find the file to give to the host, any ideas where it could be [like >.> a file name or something, because its killing me to not have this map ran o.o KILLING ME!

Sorry to annoy you, heh.. ^^; But the newest released version of the map editor on your member's page does not seem to want to pop up.
I don't know if it's just me or not though.
Keiko-Bunny wrote:
Ryuga Rena wrote:
Sorry to annoy you, heh.. ^^; But the newest released version of the map editor on your member's page does not seem to want to pop up.
I don't know if it's just me or not though.

Just so you know, I'm the same person. xD

Okay, along with this error, I am on a friends P.C. which is actually even better then mine, but it still will not come up.
One thing though, they're both Windows Vistas, I think that somehow could be related to this problem of the computer itself not wanting to open it up.

Yes.... Thats the exact Problem.... Vista wont let you Host -.-..... So I myself cant make NOR host Custom Maps... Speaking of, I need the Default Map... But I dont know how to get it....

uh........the map editor dun work for me can you help what could be wrong

it connects and doesn't open
How Do I load my maps i make nobody ill help me! i need help with the price high folder and stuff, i just can get my map to load! plz help me
and its very nice that no ones replied >.< also i know EVERYONE asks this but may i be a GM? im always on like 24/7 except when I have family things i HAVE to do and then get bootd off the computer
id relly like it plz :D xD
Mnp. I can't even get the damn thing to open... >.< It's being stubborn. I've tryed re-installing, and I've tryed going from the Mitadake High Map Editor file in the BYOND programs..... Just dosn't like me or somthing...
yeah Dev u might want to look into that the freakin teleports are dense even to watchers but it works perfect on Mitadake highmapeditor simulate verb but when i accually play on it it wont even let watchers stand on teleports
Charliegrooms14 wrote, "yeah dev u might want to look into that the freakin teleports are dense even to watchers but it works perfect on mitadake highmapeditor simulate verb but when i accually play on it, it wont even let watchers stand on teleports"

big issue and hope u fix it and i found more bugs dont want to say 'em they will be abused waaayy to much the reason no on fouroum because it wont make me an account *holds out hands* GM PLZ
Zelda wrote, "HowDo i load my maps i make nobody ill help me! i need help...." and so forth ya u put em in the pricehigh school folder and once ur in the game go to game settings and press the map and set custom map and type the name of ur map and there ur all set to play on it <---perfect example of me should be GM im help full :D