Now, I'm completely removing my bias as a programmer to say this, but it looks like windows finally came up with a beautiful design for their OS. After seeing Aero, I have a hard time looking at XP, which looks better than 98/2000 and doesn't use excessive graphics card effects, but I'd still trade a little bit of the processing and RAM for a few feng shui benifits of vista. For someone that looks at a high definition moniter 9 hours a day at work and then comes home and gets on the computer, it is really nice.

Although, if you actually play around with it, you'll notice that Aero isn't even the thing taking up the whopping resources in vista, though I bet it does detract from your graphics card, which is harder to find the processing diagnostics for.

I still have a few complaints with vista's UI, though. I can't figure out how to turn off the damn "allow or deny" messages even though I'm an administrator and should be able to edit important configurations freely, for one thing.

Wow, it's amazing how well i can type now while I'm plastered.
Launch Control Panel

Type "UAC" in the search box at the upper-right hand corner of the window

The option to disable UAC is the first search result.
I thought the fact that you were plastered was implied, since you had too many nice things to say about Vista.

Much as I like a pretty OS, I'd prefer one that doesn't break existing apps by the truckload, sludgify my graphics card, and suck down more memory than an elephant will ever have. I think XP fits the bill nicely.
If you patch your uxtheme.dll file you can use custom themes for XP and you will find a lot of really good themes.
Thanks, Murrawhip. Though I'm guessing it's like the Mac commercial was making fun of, that if I disable that, it will disable the notifications I do want, such as "allow this unknown program to run".

I've never had problems with XP, though, so I probably shouldn't be paranoid.
Meh I use XP but I have Vista Inspirat Ultimate Brincopack ( . All you do install it and bam it looks like vista but not all the way but hey its free :P
Windows X Vista Transformation is pretty dead on.
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