One of the BYOND greats have returned in a new incarnation. In the tradition of AbyssDragon and AirMapster, Spuzzum decided that his key name was just too cool and has become Jtgibson. A good name, but it just doesn't have that double Z zing. At any rate, Spuzzum is dead and Jtgibson has arisen like a phoenix from his ashes. Great to see you back, Sp... Jeremy. :)

Fear not, Darke fans, the shady one will be Shadowdarke for a long time despite the real name trend and the proliferation of disturbing erotica about a character with the same name (developed entirely independantly of myself, I assure you.) "Greg H" just sounds too humdrum and my last name looks like it was put together by drunken dwarves who wanted to stymy linguists and spelling bee champions.

Why do I blog about it? Who knows. Why does anyone blog about anything? I think it was because Spu... Gibson is one of the few people I know who truly appreciates the squirrel as the majestic beast it is. That squirrel avatar of his just warms my heart and I felt like making a post about my own affection for squirrels.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Exalted from White Wolf. It is a tabletop RPG about the world shortly (relatively speaking) after it came to be, when demi-gods known as Exalted battle for the fate of creation. There is one sect of exalted called the Lunar Exalted, who are apparently the forefathers of werewolf legends. Each Lunar can shapeshift into the form of any animal from which they have tasted the heart's blood, but they have one particul animal that they are most atuned with. For that one animal, they also have a man/beast form that combines the animal features of the Lunar's totem form with their humanoid features in a gigantic war form. Usually people make strong and tough Lunars based on wolves, great cats, or other animals known for strength and power.

Into this world, I brought a Lunar of unique abilities and power. He was a Red Giant Flying Squirrel Lunar. In our own so-called real world, red giant flying squirrels grow up to 2 feet in length (with another 2 feet for the tail) and can glide astounding distances. Unfortunately most of my gaming group don't take the terror of facing a giant feral man-squirrel seriously. We've only had one game session with my amazingly dextrous weresquirrel. *sigh*
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You might wanna fix that, oh great Showdarke >_>
Yeah, small furry rodents don't seem to inspire the terror that giant man-wolves and man-cats do. Guess it's the whole predator/prey thing.

I always liked the idea of a human/spider shapeshifter. Talk about a freaky hybrid! I always figured it would be cool if it turned into a bunch of little spiders, instead of just 1 largish spider, though.
Those people have obviously never been bitten by a rodent! And this isn't just any rodent, it's a rodent that can glide incredible distances! Hmm, maybe people would respect a bat more. Oh well, it looks like my group is playing Shadowrun 4th edition for the time being anyway.

Have you ever played an Anansi in World of Darkness? The can shift into a swarm of little spiders as you describe. :)

I too like were spidery things, and the idea of changing into a swarm of them is so powerful that I decided to steal borrow it in my own game involving shapeshifters... I really need to finish more of my BYOND creations.
"Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!"
Sharp, pointy teeth.