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how do i make a game
You read the article and think.
when can i start making a BYOND?
This seems like a fairly long Blue Book...
The dawn of the 21st Century brought with it the dawn of the Blue Book -- in my opinion, the single best resource available to aspiring BYOND programmers. BYOND has sprouted a cartload of new features since 2000, but the Blue Book is as relevant as ever; after all, the newer features tend to be advanced, and you're not likely (or at least not wise) to try using them until you first understand the BYOND fundamentals presented in the Blue Book. It's a painless, entertaining introduction that lets you start programming and seeing results right from the very first chapter.
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I think I'm going to start with: Designer's Guide to Worlds BYOND(Both(PDF and HTML)),Zilal's BYOND Tutorials(ZBT),The DM Reference. I don't think the "Your First World and Step BYOND" will be that useful.
how do i start a pokemon game
Wow, I regret reading through the comments, my head hurts now. However, I am going to finish reading the blue book. Then I will almost definitely rip apart a few tutorials. The information here seems to be invaluable to new programmers such as myself, and I would like to retrospectively thank those that have made this article possible (especially the Author). And just for giggles (and to fit in slightly better with the new crowd)

How dO I mAke a freakin game!? Har har Bayond es Fun.

Okay, that hurt to type, I need to go study before my IQ drops any lower.
How to make myself to owner? I am done with the game and GM's commander i only need to know how to make myself to owner.
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