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Dream Makers gave Tech Tree a shoutout. A couple people posted some attaboys. The rest of you didn't know a good two-for-one deal when you saw it. I have one wish for you. ;)

I still did not get around to putting up a formal set of review rules and I apologize. If you'd like to submit a review then go ahead. The worst that will happen to you is that it won't be accepted.

  • Nategrant's Palace has been submitted and accepted into the guild. It's a base defense kind of game. There's no download, but the game has been hosted and updated rather frequently.
  • Cavad posted a reference to Xavier_garrett's Age of Empires and I put it in the guild. I don't know how much it references its namesake. It's an old game, but it can be downloaded.
  • Foomer formally announced Solar Conquest's hub page. An update was also made, but I don't remember getting an alert. Details can be found in the forum. (There's also a thread involving the design or lack thereof.) Was the internal hub version set? Either way, Foomer's CSS looks nifty. =)
  • I suggested giving Mecha Destroyer JD some feedback last week. This week, he's asking for it. Naturally, this guild is more interested in things like Ultimate Strife, but feel free to comment on any of his games.
  • Acebloke's Law of the Board is getting a new movement system. If you have any chess variant suggestions then go comment.
  • DivineTraveller released a demo called Simple RTS. I have not played around with it to know what can be learned, but it looks like a base defense sort of game to me. Apparently, the demo was once going to be a game, but DivineTraveller lost the time to make it. Perhaps it will be completed in the future.
  • Lummox JR mentioned that Incursion could use a major rewrite in a recent blog on code refactoring. I figure that if he changes enough of it then he'll be able to manage long term alliances any way he wants. Of course,it's probably still a long ways away and that other project has priority. ;)
  • Siientxx is working on a game influenced by Magic: The Gathering. I don't know much about it other than the same mana mechanics might be used.
  • Justin Knight is trying to get access to Flick's hex library for a mini-game. Naturally, I have no clue what it is and am blogging anyway. ;)
  • Earlier this week, I did a lot of work on my territorial dispute game. It was mostly on the skin and some of the basic combat engine... Go download PathWrath 2 while you wait.

  • Got news? I have something planned to replace this section of Tech Tree next week, but it might not pan out.
My work in AI on SotS II has got me wondering if any of that can be applied to strategy games. I tend to think that might be the case. While the style of AI is very different, the core concept of layered goals could still work. The AI could determine a more ideal configuration of its territories and figure out what sequences of conquests could pull that off. Knowing those sequences could help determine the number of units and the deployments needed to reach each goal, and being able to achieve a partial goal that is still a "stable" (not very vulnerable) state would mean the goal could be approached over more than one turn. Food for thought!
I would love to see some psuedo-code on how stuff like that would work.
Don't let it die unless you tell us your plan first! =/
I saw your plan... Are you going to actually sit in front of a computer and speak, or do like a slide-show thing? ... Or both?
If you're talking about what I mentioned at the bottom of the post, then it's not going to be anything grand and it's only a one-time replacement for the junk I put at the bottom.