The ways they try to get you to launder money or write checks is hilarious. This is officially my favorite scammer:

Good Day Friend,
I am Mrs.Marina Litvinenko,wife of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian
security officer who died in a London hospital after apparently being poisoned
with the highly-toxic metal thallium by Mr Lugovoi,
a Russian Government Paidagent. Your can read articles about my Husband's ordeal via the websites below: news.html?in_article_id=490007&in_page_id=1770&ct=5


Please i want you to assist me remove USD$3.5M given to my husband before hisdeath by Mr Berezovsky,A Russian Billionaire Exiled in UK for exposing an
alleged plot to assassinate him by the Russian Authority and to investigate the
death of Anna Politkovskaya,a Russian Journalist believed to have equally been
poisoned by the Kremlin for writing a book:The Putin's Russia: Life in a
Failing Democracy depicted Russia as a country where human rights are routinely
trampled. The Funds are deposited with a security firm in Europe and because of fear,i
will beg you to assist us remove the funds for investment in your country. As soon as i receive your response,i will send you the documents of the funds.

I intend releasing 15% of these funds to for your assistance. Best Regards, Mrs.Marina Litvinenko

I must be on the bad cookie list. I never get the usual scam mails until I get really silly ones like this.
But it's true!
Right, didn't you read all of the BBC links? If you don't do what Mrs.Marina Liviasdiiaunko asks, and go into hiding as fast as possible, this Russian Government Paidagent will get you for knowing too much.

In fact, I'd help Mrs.Marina Litavjiasdko myself if Mr Berasvcovsky, A Russian Billionaire, didn't already give me so much that I don't need the 15% of her $3.5M.
Four equally important letters express my thoughts on the subject: L, M, A, and O.
Lead 'em on. Go on, you know you want to. I'm tempted to act like some super businessman or something, write a program which looks like a fancy decryptor but which actually erases your PC's MBR or something, and send it to them claiming it's my 'bank details'.

In any case, wasn't it Polonium-210?