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Naruto GOA 1.30 is to be released later today for beta testing.

GOA 1.30 was actually coded in completion a few weeks ago but because it used the new BYOND5 ( L33T2DM Compiler and therefor was incompatible with BYOND4 so we had to wait till BYOND5 came out (Which happened today!). Now that we have converted all of Naruto GOA to Byond5 it will be required that you download the new version immediately or you will not be able to play and youll want to be able to get in exactly at release as its going to be very crowded and exciting! On top of converting to BYOND5.0 ive added a series of new features to the new update most of which are from taking advantage of BYOND5's capabilities.

Feature list for GOA1.30
-Factions are finished, a series of hidden hunderground bases have been made so that you can conquer them (one per faction!), these come complete with bed/shopkeeper/barber.
-Curse Seal has been added, to get curse seal talk to Orochimaru who I have placed in Cha no kuni
-New training methods!
--Logs, there are 4 types of logs to train your 4 stats
--Meditation: the best way by far to train since swamping when it comes to watching youtube or talking on msn while power leveling.

Using BYOND 5.0 has been great as the new syntax to code is much easier and much more flexible, also as you may have heard BYOND5.0 supports full 3D now. So and this is the biggest update by far for NarutoGOA, we are now converting to full 3D (A few things like Mist village and Chuunin exams are not mapped yet).

Stand by for release sometime in the next little while!! (Get BYOND5.0!!)


Demo Video:
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