Grabbed was suppose to be my 4k entry for Jamesburrow's contest. Sadly, I went above the size boundary even with compression. So I decided just to release a playable version of it. Essentially, it is a death match game in which players can use the mouse to grab an object and throw it at the enemy. You can also double click a player to view his or her information. With the few people I've tested with, we've found no bugs.
Hosting it. Looks like it'll be fun if anyone joins.
runtime error: Cannot modify null.icon_state.
proc name: Bump (/obj/items/Bump)
source file:,111
usr: 0
src: the computer (/obj/items/computer)
call stack:
the computer (/obj/items/computer): Bump(the box (/obj/items/box))
the computer (/obj/items/computer): MouseDrag(the picture (/obj/items/picture), the floor (53,33,1) (/turf/floor/tile1), the floor (48,38,1) (/turf/floor/tile1), "default.map1", "default.map1", "icon-x=24;icon-y=21;left=1")
Looks pretty cool but yeah I got the same error when trying to "bump" objects I was moving.
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