I figured out that putting your day, night, and general weather routines into the base world event cycle is not a good idea. Well, unless you like huge CPU use....
Yeah, I made that mistake before, it was when I had a crappy computer with a CPU that viewed GHz as some sort of god. Crashed.
It was a screwup. Weather and time were supposed to be their own little datums calling their own little update procs. Somehow, I managed to have the routine called from the main event loop. I think I was testing something goofy at one time and never fixed it. So I go to run the project and my CPU use goes redline. I profile and see the main event loop is just gorging on resources. Quick peek in there and I find my error. Since I hadn't posted in a while, I just stuck a note about it up here.
Does this mean Myth is no longer a text game?
No, it is still very much text. The weather and time cycle affect things like room conditions and visibility (things get dark after sundown and characters can't see without a light source, for example).
Ah, good... I thought the lag was caused by graphical adjustments.