Ever since 4.0 was released last year, I've been having some problems keeping my RPG, Dream Forge, up and running on the Linux shell server I rent. Initially, I received memory leak errors attributed to a portion of the code that had not changed during my conversion to 4.0 (the game was stable before making the change). The game would run for anywhere between one and five hours before crashing with a memory leak error. I fixed that particular error awhile back, but the game has continued to crash on a similar schedule--just without any errors at all.

Today, I finally ran a trace and got a bunch of messages with memory addresses and stuff that I haven't even bothered to make sense of. This might very well still be a memory leak, but it's unlikely that it is still being caused by the previously offending code because that was a player-specific process, and I didn't advertise the game during this tracing period. More disturbing for me, however, is the fact that after running the trace, the game has begun constantly crashing with stack traces even though I'm not running it with the -trace flag. Do I have to turn it off somehow?

Before I post a real bug report, I'd like to test the game on another server to see if the problem is duplicated. Two of the things mentioned with trace enabled are "User block limit reached" and "Disk quota exceeded." I've never received either of those messages prior to today, but maybe I need a heftier server? If anyone can temporarily offer a Linux machine and host for several hours to see if a problem arises, please page me; I would greatly appreciate it.

If anyone has other ideas about the problem or things to test for, those thoughts are welcome, too.
Does anyone play that at all? The creation system is nice, but I never seen anyone on.
I'd be willing to host this on one of our machines, in the interest of debugging the problem. I'm very concerned about new instability reports in 4.0.

I'm about done for the day, so could we do this tomorrow? Just respond here with a good time and I'll get in touch with you.
Tom, I should be done with class around 3:00 CST tomorrow; I ought to be on BYOND any time around or after then. I should probably give you what I've been hosting instead of using the hubbed copy. The game might very well just be too resource-heavy or inefficiently programmed, but I'd liked to know one way or the other, so thanks. [edit: I could also potentially be on around noon, CST; I'd just have to leave again in time for class]

Lord of Light, I had been hosting the game most nights for the past couple months, but it's mostly just a handful of usuals playing because there isn't a whole lot to actually play yet.
Ok, thanks. I'll look for you on the pager after 3:00 CST then.