I can finally talk publicly about these sites because I finally parked their domains =)

This will be my official game news site, and will be the portal to everything concerning my games. I actually have it partly built already, but I have no graphics for it yet.

I will post links here to my company's games' news on this new site's blog once I push it live, but if you're interested, check it periodically to see when it goes live.

This will be a new side business that I am starting. It will be a classified ads website that I hope people will use for its extreme user-friendliness, simplicity, and features. I realize it would be extremely hard to make a success, but it's an area that has room for improvement. I mean, people still use craigslist for crying out loud.

I made quite a bit of it last year, but I decided to redo the entire site now that I have much more extensive experience.

I will keep you updated as to when either of these go live. I hope some of you can help me get some traffic to WT when it's finished :)
Hopefully your game news site will be up soon, Iím interested in seeing what it is about. Also, are these games associated with BYOND such as Fate and Surreal Dreams?
Yes. Some will be continuations of my BYOND games. That's why I removed them, after all.