this morning in my dream I climbed out a window, picked a lock, rescued 3 pigs, and kicked a handicapped guy in the face. pure awesome.
Who's face did you kick? Hopefully not mine xD
Kunark, that was real.. I seen the news last night, god damn lay off the LSD!
That's a true story! You weren't dreaming!
Uh, Masterdan's?
Yeah, Masterdan's.
I had a dream a week or two ago that involved a run-down, Soviet-era version of my highschool, terrible and really loud rap music, and the honorable Dr. Steve Martin.
And Masterdan.
My dream was..I somehow was transformed into ema skye.
I had a dream where I somehow was tranformed into Masterdan.

I guess it was more of a nightmare.
This sounds AWESOME :D Nice dream... Why my dreams only have naked womens in them? :D