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If you are at all interested in video games and game design (and if you're not, how did you get here?) you probably have a good-sized mental list of often-praised games you've never played but would like to. Maybe some of them are games you actually wouldn't want to play all the way through, but you'd like to get a taste of them, at least. Well, here's a good start for you:

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Oh wow, I just spent the better part of three hours watching two guys beat DKC2. The Animal Crossing one is great, too.

Note to self: no bottomless pits unless in space, no brambles. Learning already :P
It is interesting to view "landmark" games and try playing them yourself. The truth is, many are actually quite tacky. I remember getting UFO Enemy Unknown (a series I admittedly didn't know about before I got a copy of it), it is the landmark creation of turn based skirmish games, developed into its own series, had a Warhammer 40k game (with an extremely excellent level editor with it-I spent weeks developing levels for it) of the same system, and is occasionally emulated in newer games, yet the game is fairly crappy, its extremely long, and almost always a continual slog to play through.

People also rave about games like FF Tactics, which was admittedly the first decent 3D mapped Turn Based Strategy game, is extremely horrible and slow, where Vandal Hearts, which hasn't got quite as good graphics and more linear, flowed much better and had a captivating storyline and enough graphic variants in their characters actions and avatars to show it.
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