Good riddance, it is all about money in this day of age. It is sort of strange yet ironic how the official BYOND guild disallows non members from posting on their site. I went to add a useful opinionated comment on the new "Get your game noticed" post and I see a big ol', nasty, yellow text that says, "BYOND has chosen to allow only BYOND Members to post comments here. Become a BYOND Member to post your thoughts!" I'm all in with, getting more people to become members so we can keep the servers on, but personally, Iíve always thought the BYOND staff wanted the input from their members, not just from their paying members. I guess our thoughts aren't as important.
It was a measure to counter flamewars and spam. Sorry about that.
Yeah...what that dude said.
If BYOND wants others opinions, they should allow it, not make them pay for something they don't like to share it.

also? What is the point of Paid Memberships anyways? Isn't BYOND developed enough in programming that they could release a pay-to-play-extra game into the public? Like, I mean you could package files via DM as Exes. Can't those EXEs be launched without BYOND support, as like previews that lock after 30 minutes? Then they'd have to join BYOND to play it fully, and get memberships to get exterz.
Seems like a better plan to me.
Tom wrote:
It was a measure to counter flamewars and spam. Sorry about that.

LIEZ!! It was a measure to see how many non-members would stop asking about Dan.