It has been a dream of mine for a while to create a turn based tactical type of game, some what comparable to X COM and Battle for Wesnoth. Despite the fact I know I will never have the motivation to work on such a huge game such as those. I remember a game not so long ago created by Leftley named, Champions of Vargacet. It was a party based tactical combat game that I enjoyed. I really want to create a game parallel to that now, but probably dealing with soldiers. I was thinking that when you start up a game you can chose a team you wish to play as. Each team should be balanced, so you could go for a team which specialty is to be stealthy while the other team is the run ní gun type.

Iíve never exactly liked the idea of having the ability to level up in a turn based game as it ruins the online experience. Players whoíve been playing for days would easily beat a new player. Though I liked how CoV allowed you to buy clothes and weapons to make your character better, Iím not going towards that direction.

Iíve always been fond of subscriptions in games, how they allow dedicated paying members to get something special without ruining the game for others. What I think a subscriber could earn is the capability of creating their own team. For example, if they wish to do so, they could have a team full of medics. Also subscribers would be allowed to create custom maps in the game in which they can upload to play on at any time.

Iím willing to create this game for the Build Your Own Board Game contest that the DreamMakers guild is currently hosting. I just wonder will people have enough attention span to play a strategy game that possibly could take a while to play. Champions of Vargacet was very fun as with Ultimatum, but when (if) the servers are being hosted the max player that come on are about 6. With this game Iím pondering about, Iím going to add in a lobby in which you can create an in game server. Iím really planning on having about 15 playersí simultaneously on at a time. Though what Iíve always said was itís not quantity, itís quality. I rather have a community of a few, but those few players are very helpful with finding bugs and testing rather than a community of about 20 players but pester me to add in inadequate features.

Questions Iím thinking about:
How many units may be on one team?
Iím thinking about 5.

What is the point of the game?
I guess who ever kills other team first wins. CoV did it well; I hope I can achieve this.

How many players can play?
A one on one match up should be fun.

What type of board should it be played on?
Itís between three choices and I donít have a lot of time left before the deadline comes. A hex board, isometric, or just the default BYOND board.

What is the motivation for players to keep coming back?
You canít achieve a higher level within the game and you donít have stats that can be upgradeable. So why would you want to come back and play the same old team and players? A fully functional ranking system may work out good, the way Socom did it. Also having monthly tournaments in which the community can earn cash could bring players in to practice.

How should the attacking be like?
If I shoot you with a bullet do you automatically get hit? Maybe the opposing team can select a direction in which they can defend. If a bullet were to come towards them that round then they would have a better chance to dodge it?