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Howdy chumps! I've been pretty busy this last week, doing some important game design studies. I apologize for the temporary "content drought." Here's some stuff to keep you occupied for several minutes.

BYOND stuff

Farewell to digitalBYOND: DigitalBYOND?command=view_post&post=42598

Funny ASCII art on Dungeon Crawlers: DungeonCrawlers?command=view_post&post=42577

Other stuff

Dark secrets of the Chinese MMORPG (via gambling_your_life_away_in_zt.php

MADD vs. Rockstar: 83597-MADD-Decries-GTA-IV-Drinking-and-Driving

...As the link points out, MADD may be barking up the wrong tree here. The game actually does a good job, IMHO, of making real-life drunk driving unappealing, by several methods: it makes walking, and driving, difficult; falling down on the sidewalk (which is inevitable) causes damage; your character vocally questions his own judgment if he gets into a vehicle while drunk; police give chase when they spot drunk drivers; and the visual effects may cause real-life seasickness.

But my favorite educational feature in GTA IV is that it makes the player wear a nice outfit to attend weddings and funerals. Can GTA IV heal the societal damage caused by two generations of slobs? Only time will tell!

One of the posts on the comment thread of that GTA4 post sums it up nicely:

One poster states: "*Yawn* Any other pressure groups want to take a bite out of Rockstar? I'm getting bored of this already"

Another responds: "The league of dentists - after all, when did you last see a GTA character brush or floss ;)"
Niko turns down drugs and booze every time he's offered some.

What a monster!