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I got bored a few days playing these humdrum YuGiOh, Naruto, and DBZ games, so I looked around for some .hack//sign games. None what so ever. Not even project attempts. So I've decided to make a .hack//sign game, and I need some serious help. My coding skills are mediocre at best, so I need another coder, hopefully more experienced than I, an icon artist, a turfer, and a splash screen artist (GFX) Contact me at for info
Bemcint I can help you program it.
hey can i plz be part of ur game like co..i really want to help
the game naruto yuu
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sup i can icon,code,map,gfx, and i guess something else if i think.
I have 3 years of GFX'ing Experience, and about a month of Iconning Experience..
I already do most work for Asakuraboy so I couldnt work for you perminately. But I can help with whatever you need.
Just page me or PM me ooorr email me. Whichever.
My MSN is broken sooo, yeah no MSN. xD

You still programm?
Hey, you should do the whole community a favor and bring back the old source of DMS.