Fixed: Bug involving wound healing messages.
Fixed: Bug in combat where combat would continue after a combatant was disabled making all combats to the death.
Fixed: Display bug in skill command.
Fixed: Bug in rat killing quest caused townspeople to tell quester to go kill more rats.
Added: Basic character sheet now show base abilities
Changed: Cleaned up some of the displays.
Changed: Save file size for spawns greatly reduced.
We going to see a beta soon ? =) Did you hear back from Digi yet about hosting?
Heh, the format of the post was making me wonder if a version was out already. =)
Unfortunately, it seems that digitalbyond will no longer be offering hosting. I have no idea where to go for reliable hosting now. I assume any shell account should do....
Ah yes, true. I don't even have access to anything that can host at the moment; I was about to offer to turn on a laptop here 24/7, but I have no laptops left with Linux on them. You'd have to use a program to remote desktop onto the laptop, if you wanted to do that. Thats about all I can offer at the moment.