Fortay, an Action turn based strategy game, is finally ready for alpha testing. Originally I constructed this game just for the Build Your Own Board Game contest Gughunter is currently hosting. As I worked on this small project of mine I have grown accustomed to it as it has always been a dream of mine to create a turn based strategy game.

Champions of Vargacet, by Leftely, was a huge inspiration which motivated me to create game similar to it. To bad the game is no longer with us as with Leftley. Also playing countless hours of XCOM and Battle for Wesnoth helped me get through the long days and nights of programming this game. The Interface for this is no where near completed, but seeing as the contest ends May 14, 2008 and since it requires a non default Interface, I was forced to create one.

The game is your typical turn based strategy battle game. You assemble a party of 4 characters by selecting a class from a list of factions. I do not like the idea of earning experience points when winning a match as it destroys the nature of the game so I decided to remove it. Movement is easily done by clicking and holding a unit and then dragging where you wish the unit to be. A red X means no actions can be committed while a red box means you can attack.

I have several ideas to implement into this game once I submit it to the contest. First of all, I would like to add more factions to choose from. I would also want to add in several new maps. One more idea is to create some sort of lobby system in which players can create and join rooms, also issue challenges to players. When I do this, I hope when this time comes that I have saved up enough cash to get a 24/7 host, which would allow me to remove this game from being downloaded.

There is a help guide within the game, just view the verb. Also, in order to host you need to click the Host Command menu and press host. I may try hosting for a while, but my connection is not the best. If I do this, my key will be named IP, mainly because I can not join a game with a key similar to an IP address, hopefully Tom will fix this soon.

Have any questions or problems, feel free to email me at Make sure you include either BYOND or Fortay in the title or else the message may be ignored.
I'm going to add Fortay to BYOND Strategy and hope you get some more testers. =)

PS: You might want to adjust the tense of your server entrance messages. ;)
Thank you for doing such a deed. Today I have been playing around with the whole display/interface of the game and I currently have somewhat of a temporary design that I am willing to work with until the contest is over.

I will update the host files on Wednesday.