The Golden Compass is really violent for a kids' fantasy movie.

I actually had to do a double-take on the ending of the bear fight scene. That's officially how I want to shut people up =D
Clip vid pl0x?
It's not technically a kids movie, it's rated PG-13.
Anyway, the book is better than the movie, they cut the ending short in the movie, leaving out the part where Lyra meets Lord Asriel and they see the portal into our world.
Mecha: (spoilers):

Some of the comments on there reflect my thoughts exactly :P
Meh, it wasn't as violent as I thought you said it was but violent enough. If I'm correct, he bear/bitch slapped the other polar bear's lower jar off before biting him in the neck right? Wow..XD I did hear about this movie scaring kids or something though.

I'm not really surprised though as kids movies are more mature nowadays. I was a bit shocked when Shrek had kids in the movie (haven't seen it) or when they were talking about butts in Ice Age 2. 0_0 Seems like only yesterday when kissing in something like Alladin was both gross and "for grown ups".
AnNoYaNcE.FaCtOr wrote:
PG13 does not mean "let your kids see this movie"

The book had a dark plot. The movie had a dark plot. It's not for kids.

It technically means let your kids see it with parental guidance. Now that I think about it, is the G rating even used anymore?
The movie is aimed at kids. STFU.

You can tell by the way it's presented that it's aimed more at kids than adults. I don't care whether or not he series itself is.
Oh and mecha, it's not THAT violent, it just kind of shocked me especially when the rest of the movie was less violent. I was like, "wait, WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!"
Kunark wrote:
The movie is aimed at kids. STFU.

No, it's not, Cory. If you're going to be a security analyst then you need to keep your information more hidden.

Now since you have no valid opinion, obviously because you fail at what you do, then you will be lectured about why it's not a kids movie.

1.) It's based on a book about god being evil. No like minded christian mother and father are going to let their kids see a movie where God is the Antagonist.

2.) It recieved a PG13 rating by the MPAA. PG13 stands for Parental Guidance for children aged 13 and below. Anything below that is a child.

3.) You're a cunt. That is all.
rofl, I am not a security analyst and have never wanted to be. And, um, my name isn't going to give you any information, hence why I use it everywhere.

I am only a cunt to people that whine about someone calling a kids movie a kids movie.

again. the movie is a kids movie. the series might not be, but I don't care.

also, I call anything under 18 a kid.
Congratulations, you've proven a point nobody cared about in the first place. What are you going to do, hack me because I bad-mouthed a B movie?

Get a life.
You silly people with your like-minded assumptions seem to think that information goes hand in hand with hacking.
It usually does.
AnNoYaNcE.FaCtOr wrote:
1.) It's based on a book about god being evil. No like minded christian mother and father are going to let their kids see a movie where God is the Antagonist.

So, because the movie is about some big invisible bearded guy being evil, it's not fit for children to watch? Good parents would shelter their children from alternate viewpoints? I'd call that brainwashing, or perhaps indoctrination.

As for the movie itself, that wasn't what it was about. Nor was it what the book was about. The Golden Compass movie was pretty much entirely about the corruption of the Magisterium, their big ol' all-invasive church. Parallels to Catholics, etc. It's pretty heavy-handed.

The book The Golden Compass was a little bit more subtle (ha ha) than that, and it was generally about independence, and independent thought. Lyra gets screwed over because she trusts Azrael (which got cut from the movie).

The book you are thinking about, The Amber Spyglass, carries a message closer to The Golden Compass movie, only with an extra layer of allegory. No god features at any point in the movie: it's purely the "kingdom of heaven", which means angels / angelic creatures, who are evil (but not really so much more so than people). The message of the book is, again, independence of thought, and rallying against it hilariously ironic.

And the movie was aimed at children.

And the scene in the book was more awesome than in the movie. After he killed him, he tore out his heart and ate it. Kid's movie, though, so they cut that.

Also would like to comment that arrows are hilariously lethal in the movie. Instant death!
I'm curious. Is there going to be a sequel or was the ending just cut short?
The book had sequel
Armiris wrote:
The book had sequel

He's not worried about the books, just the movie.