I'm back, BYOND. BYOND's most prominent Ter13 (well, the only Ter13) is back!

I took a long break because I joined the military, and did not have time to log on. I just got internet access at my tech school, so now I can afford to log in occasionally. I still don't get a lot of time to program, though, and I'd love to, but my language takes all of my time!

Anyway, I've got a project underway called Gæs. I've talked a lot about Gæs online for several years, first starting with Veritãs, and then a few other games. My conceptions of Gæs have matured over the years, and I must say that I am very excited about working in the land of Gæs again. I can't wait to get the god icons done... Kaedric, the Lady, Lord Marius... I've done so much concept art for them, they are going to be awesome...

Anyway, I'll not boast too much, lest I give away too much of the game before it is finished, and work myself into a corner again.

~Ter13 out.
wondering...about the datums... im not used to actually using em and i thought these things like combat and equipment should use procs and such?

Datums can be used for so much more than linear procedural coding methods! Datums make an object-oriented system. You can make the same thing using procedures, but it will be much more linear, and much less complex. You can do SO MUCH MORE with datums than linear procedural driven methods!
*glares* need to talk to long lost best friend.
Heh, majar! What's up! I tried to call you today, man!

I called your house, though...

It's been SO long...
yeah, im in tempe right now working on my game design degree at collins college. i'll email you my cell phone number. and when you call me don't worry about wasting minutes i have a lot of minutes.
...intersting, so very interesting.
Anyhow Steve this be the mighty space pirate Scott...
Dammit i'm not really a pirate but i wish i was. anyhow How's life?
About as good as ever. Didn't know you were a BYOND member... Heh, we have a little posse going now.

Are you an active member? Or are you just here to check things out?
i think he is just checking thing out.
mostly i'm just saying hello to you actually. Now if i hasd an e-mail or something...
or maybe a screenname...
or a phone number...

or maybe you've just gotten all uppity now that you're a military man
Cfluffy he has his e-mail on the main page .
"or maybe you've just gotten all uppity now that you're a military man"

Or maybe all the sex I've been having has gone to my head... Yeah... take that however you are going to.
ok, what is it with people joining the military and getting laid? Seriously, i know another guy who left for basic a month or so before you did. Since then, something like 17 different girls and no STD's. WTF!

duhhh yes/no. I'm gonna send you an e-mail now
Hey Ter13, already started a new semester. i got media arts and crap like that. so, you got korean under the belt now?