I've been here nearly since BYONDS beggining this account isnt my oldest account my ld one from 01 was lost lol.

But I remember the times when BYOND had great and original games sure there were a ton of crappy DBZ but they had there own section so it never interfered.

Every Game was original and for the most part...Good I could join almost any game and have fun people actually worked hard on there games and took time with them.

Nowadays its nothing like that. 95% of the games are now rips of a few original sources and they just add faster lvling and 100 moves/spells/techniques that do the exact same as the other moves just the icon is slightly recolored. There are so few original games out there I have stopped looking and occasionally fall back on the older games which I used to very much adore.

BYOND memberships were the plague of BYOND in my opinion Now everyone wants to the top in popularity by adding ranking bonuses and such. Sure BYOND memberships support the site and Im for that but HEY. Remove the whole ranking thing and the having members play gives u a tiny amount of cash. This isnt encouraging good games its encouraging ripoffs with insane ranker bonuses. LISTEN Sure popularity is good but what really matters is how many players u have I search for games based on players not popularity which u can change in game search and trust me the players list and popularity list are way different.

I Really wish BYOND was how it used to be where I could join a game make several friends within a day and have just a load of fun. I Rarely see any of my old BYOND friends anymore they gave up BYOND and I dont blame them I even take months even over a year where I dont play BYOND or even think about it just because of what it is now.

Ask any old player they will all say the same thing in that they wish BYOND was how it used to be. If BYOND enforced a no source ripping policy or something like that BYOND would be such a better place in my opinion Im really sick of having to spend DAYS *not exaggerating here* to find an original game.

Oh sure theres a ton of games saying NON-RIP or BECOMING NON RIP. But they just ripped the source code changed a few things or changed a couple icons.And the games trying to be "Non Rip" are failing I've tracked a couple with hopes but its been months and they are about 1% further from being non rip then when they started.

Heres a hint. Changing a couple icons around and adding moves DOES NOT MAKE YOU A NON RIP. Its still the same game just slightly different Thats like taking a WHopper and putting lettuce from a different burger and adding an extra ingredient then calling it a NON RIP of the whopper.

Sorry for this rambling it was basically stuff that popped into my head

So please do us a favor and try to make an original game if you want a high ranking game a rip with boosts is not gonna work look at the first page in PLAYERS. not popularity and youll see most of the time the entire first page is non ripped games

So good jo to all the people out here who made an original game. Im not saying u cant use a source code to see how to code certain things but dont use it as your base

and to all those rippers out there... You can Go burn in hell for all I care
You sound like someone who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.
Nearly since it's beginning? What? Dantom was formed in '96, and I believe DUNG began around that time. BYOND showed up in '99, four years before your account was created. You're talking out your ass.
As for the ranking system, it's supposedly been removed for the most part (it's still slightly in use though). Making BYOND have a membership fee actually saved the community and unified it more.
BYOND is a system which makes it very easy to get started making a game. That being said, to complete a game you must still learn how to program, and put in many hours of dedicated work. Remember that programming itself (planning the structure of a program, independent of the language) is a hard skill to aquire. So though BYOND can get a user's foot in the door more easily than any other programming environment, making a fully featured complete game remains a daunting challenge.

Also, there's the problem of games being released much to soon. Take Ramdon Anime Game X (RAGX) for example. A user obtains a 'source' to start building his game from. He has all sorts of grand ideas to make his game better than the others, and he's put some cool stuff into the source already so he's pretty sure he can complete it. He releases the current game, and on its hub he writes the list of features he intends to add. This generates hype, and people want to play his game. He gets players, and his game enjoys its day in the sun. But games get old, especially when they're basically the same as other games, so his players are eventually drawn to another game that's been released, Random Anime Game X Reborn (RAGXR). The owner of RAGX feels his players have been stolen, and starts a fued.

But were they really stolen? Did Mario Kart for the Wii really steal players from Halo 1, or did Halo 1 simply become old (it's been out for a while) and players are playing Mario Cart because it's new? The main problem with BYOND games is that people release them much to soon. Why continue working on a game if everyone's already played it, and now they're off playing someone else's?

The best way to make an awesome game on BYOND is this: Make it in private, don't tell anyone, don't release screen shots, test it with friends who can keep a secret. Then, when everything's ready, BOOM! Suddenly a great game appears on the hub, from out of nowhere! That generates hype, and players will flock to it!