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Friday, May 23, 2008
I have reached a great accomplishment for Fortay recently. Thanks to the numerous amount of people who plead for multiple games at once, I have finally added an in game server/room system. Though this took two days to implement, longer than I expected, I am fairly satisfied with the results.

Users will be greeted with a title screen; there are several buttons to select: Create Room, Join Room, Version Log, Help Guide, and Unit Central. I have gone through extensive testing with multiple keys of mine, privately, in order to ensure the system works appropriately. As of right now there are no known bugs, but I rather not release this version just yet as I want to get at least get 3 games going to see how my server holds up. I essentially host from 10 am until 10 pm EST everyday, so please come by and check out the game.

While working on this game Ss4tboy suggested that I should allow room owners to select how many units can be in a match. I liked this idea a lot and this feature will most likely see the day of light by Monday if not Sunday. As of right now, I calculated that since each round is 100 seconds and there are 4 units that each unit has 25 seconds to commit an action. The minimum amount of units a game can have will be two, which would make each round 50 seconds. While the maximum number of units a game may have can be 10, which would make each round 250 seconds. I like this idea a lot and since I will most likely add bigger maps, this should work out perfectly.

This next feature I would like to add, though probably will not be in this release. The current mode I decided will be named War, the next mode shall be capturing the flag. Like in any other capture the flag game, the point would be to capture the enemies’ flag from their base and return it to yours while yours is still at your base.

Look for a world release around Tuesday.