Monday, May 26, 2008
Normally I would go through and explain each and every update that I have added in which leads to a huge “wall of text”. But that tends to be a waste of my time as I can easily just list the updates and if someone was to have a question they can easily ask here.

This update was mainly focused on the newest addition, the in game room/server system. I was going to wait and release this with the 1.3 release but I feel that releasing this now may bring more players. Upon the next update I shall have more factions and units, more maps which are bigger than 21x21, and possibly a bigger battle which is not just focused on one versus one.

  • Players can now start an in game room/server.
  • ACWraith mentioned to me that it would be in my interest to add in free legal sounds as it was difficult to understand Battle for Wesnoth’s licensing. He directed me towards From there I replaced all the original sound effects with legal ones.
  • Added a theme song which plays when you are at the title screen.
  • Room owner’s can now exit a room if a game has not started. This would be useful if you created a room and then all of a sudden want to join someone else’s.
  • While in game, users can press the button next to the input bar. Room means only the players within your room can listen to you. World means everyone in the world can hear you.
  • Originally, when your turn starts the game alerts you telling you that you only have 100 seconds left, that took up a lot of space on the results output area. So now instead the game alerts you only if you have 10 seconds left.
  • Room owner’s can now select how many units they wish to be in the battle. They can choose from one through ten units. This feature will work better once I add in bigger maps.

  • Have any questions or suggestions; feel free to email them to Please include either the game’s name or BYOND within the title.
-_- asswipe