Sure, we all know the terrors of myspace. Especially developers who've been sent to an insane asylum after laying eyes on its HTML sources.

But what's so great about facebook? I joined because of all the hype, but I'm disgusted by it, personally. They began with a great idea and then took it too far and ended up ruining the entire site; so much so that now it's worse than myspace!

And now, unfortunately, myspace is following in its footsteps to compete.

On the plus side, they have less evil Tacoda/etc. ads, but the ones they do have are almost as bad.
Yeah, with the addition of "facebook apps" the whole thing went to hell. Not that I really care all that much for social networking sites anyway... but logging onto Facebook and having a million requests to turn down is really obnoxious.
Arg, my friends keep trying to get me to create a facebook account.

As if I need to waste more time on the internet. Just email me, darn it!
I used to like facebook, back when you had to have a school email address to get in. It was great to keep in contact with friends and kept alot of the crap out with requiring a school email. And they didn't have those dang apps that people spam you with to get them and make the pages a mile long.
I think most of the applications are very, very annoying, but it's your friends' own fault for using them. Maybe the problem is your friends for adding such applications.

What I like about Facebook is how it's good for organising things, such as events. And its Myspace like functions (photos) are better on Facebook because of tagging + news feeds.

The only reason I use it though is because other people use it and I don't want to lose out (which you inevitably do).
I think Facebook is perfectly fine. Apps are annoying, but it's your decision whether or not you add them.
Facebook = Myspace.

Social networking sites are all the same. They wind up horror ridden in the end.
The reason I prefer facebook is because people can't edit their page layouts to be completely unviewable, and I don't get spam.

Aside from that though, it really is just another lame networking site. Kind of addicting though.
Well, it's not like I'm going to delete some hottie because she likes to use the apps :P You can also block requests from specific people I think.

It's more the mentality of it all that annoys me. These sites make bank, yet they advance at a snail's pace, and it just bugs me that they didn't see some things coming before they happened. They don't put any thought into it at all.

Maybe all the good sites never get visited. Maybe the popular ones are only popular because the users know they can turn it into a hell-hole :P
Its moreso directed to the teenage female populus.

It gives them a chance to post semi-revealing pictures and then describe themselves as fat.

I had a myspace myself. But there is really nothing interesting about it.
Right. Facebook's advantage was that it was clean: You wouldn't visit someone's page and be spammed by a thousand different video/audio clips starting and bogging you down. Then, for some reason, they made "Facebook Apps," and that nullifies the above perk (people just load their pages in bulk), and adds to the spam factor with e-mails whenever you get new application requests, and then of course requests to deny every time you log in.