Somebody on MSN I don't know messaged me today, asking for help with their game on BYOND. I agreed, as I usually do to help to my knowledge. They asked me, something along the lines of "what is the size of a hub?".


"HUB", I replied, "can you explain what you mean by HUB?". After interrogating them for a few minutes I got the basics of clicking to load a character. "Oh, you mean a HUD, and that's not even what you want. By size, what do you mean? Pixils, kilobytes?". I get an answer "How big it is on the screen".

Quizzing them once again, I figured out they were asking how many pixils wide and tall the title screen would be. I asked them if they had changed the viewing area in their game, they didn't know what I meant so I figured they hadn't. I then explained, and gave them the formula, to figuring it out. I told them that each tile is 32 square pixils, and even wrote it out for them 13(32) by 13(32). They replied thanks. About 10 minutes later, I'm messaged again, asking if they could ask another question. I said sure, and they asked the EXACT SAME QUESTION. I knew they wouldn't stop until I gave them the answer, and I would probably end up getting spammed from multiple accounts if I decided to block them, so I done the math for them. Ungh
Gotta hate people like that. But in times like those, you just go 'block' =P.

And it's spelt pixels by the way <_<
True, and thanks for the info.
rofl. thank god people don't do that for me. and its pixels like DAU said.
The world is coming to people nothing knowing the smallest things, I guess common sense is just not the same factor it used to be.