I decided to put up a test server so that people could at least try logging in, creating a character, and messing around a bit. Hopefully, any obvious problems will crop up early. You can login to the game from any telnet compatible client at port 7000.

As always bug reports and suggestions go to Feel free to post on the forums as well.

Room exit messages should display properly.
Extraneous prompt refreshes removed.
Players now start with clothes and torches. Combat classes start with weapons. Delete and recreate to get in on the fun!
Pretty neat. It feels like a legitimate MUD, although a lot of the commands don't appear to be implemented yet. Also, it always outputs "[Foo] goes south" no matter which direction you go. And you start with no money and no clothes (I'd expect at least pants).
Pants are overrated. I will have to look into the directional error.

I am still kind of undecided on starting gear. Clothes are probably reasonable, though!
Quizno's Commercial: "We're like the guy who wore pants instead of bushes."
Person on Commercial: "I fear change, and I will keep my bushes."