Friday, June 13, 2008
This release was generally based off of the ideas and bug fixes that ACWraith and Flick posted on my forums, and I thank them.

I assume the biggest change in this release is that each unit now has a maximum amount of move points it can use each turn. Before, if you click and drag your unit to move once you can no longer move that turn. Now you can continue to move until your move points reaches zero.

Another small update was a night and day system which appears ever ten rounds. Though as of right now it is just there for graphical show, I am looking forward to using this system for unit?s abilities and disabilities.

  • Update: The units graphic now displays in the box at the right hand side
  • Update: Night and Day system added
  • Bug Fix: Unit Central closes the selection windows
  • Update: Music can now be disabled
  • Update: Medics were too strong, their attack damage is now 4
  • Update: Counter attack damage is now half of the unit's attack damage
  • Update: White underlays appear under unit if it can move or attack
  • Update: Added attack range and move distance to the informational area
  • Update: Rearranged the informational area
  • Update: The help guide can now be resized
  • Update: Units can move again if they have enough move points
  • Update: While holding down on your unit, it now displays it's information
  • Update: A picture of the map now displays when selecting a map

  • Hopefully with the next release the bots will be completely finished, as well as the night and day system affecting the units.

    Have any questions or suggestions; feel free to email them to Please include either the game's name or BYOND within the title. Or you can easily use the Forums.