Yeah, we've all seen it coming. Southpark had an episode just on that. I knew things were going in a bad directions the second I saw "Bratz" dolls. The name would be more accurate if they were called "Crack whorez" dolls.
On the question of slippery slopes, the Volokh Conspiracy (an excellent Libertarian-themed legal blog written by legal scholars of some repute) has had quite a lot of discussion on the subject, which is worth checking out.

In particular, Eugene Volokh, without regard to the morality of the situation (he supports gay rights), discusses how the fears of early gay rights as a "slippery slope" to marriage were true, and that often slippery slope arguments turn out to be correct.

There's more to say on that, which I suppose I shouldn't hijack this thread for, but you reminded me of a discussion I found interesting and provocative.
The state should take their children away and put the girls in institutions until they finish school, and make the parents pay for the costs. The blame lies on the parents. I don't care if the media gave the girls the idea that it's cool to be a slut. It's the parent's job to raise them to be good citizens. If they fail to do that, they shouldn't be allowed to have children.

There's a huge sense of entitlement in this new generation. It's the cause of the emo fads and other atrocities. Parents think they have to give their kids everything or else they'll be somehow crippled in life. This results in the children expecting everything to be owed to them, and the degeneration of self-interest and delusion manifests in reckless and deviant behavior on a massive scale. This is what happens when you let a generation of hippies reproduce.
Thanks for the link! I've got to do a lot of driving and some manual labor tonight, but I'll try to check it out tomorrow.