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I'd hoped to have the BYOBG judging finished by tonight, but it isn't. I've only evaluated four of the six games submitted, and the other judge (who is in a different time zone, if I understand right) has yet to weigh in. The good news is that all four of the games I've checked out are actually good games!

At any rate, I apologize for the delay. Even as late as this morning, I thought I'd be able to have my judging done by tonight, but as usual, life had other plans for me. (That's not even including the tornado warning -- I spent about 10 minutes cowering in the basement and watching hailstones fall outside, though the actual tornado missed my neighborhood.) The results will be ready soon, though. Thank you for your patience.
"though the actual tornado missed my neighborhood."

That one could probably be inferred by us. I know few people who would have the determination to inform people, via blog, that a tornado destroyed their house, shortly after said destruction occurred.
My own judging had been slow. Several of the games either just don't work, or fail to compile. Plus, testing on my MacBook differs than testing on my MacMini.

I hope to finish up what I can do Monday evening, or Tuesday evening at the latest. I plan on hijacking Alathon to help with testing since you need another player to.. um.... play!
digitalmouse wrote:
I hope to finish up what I can do Monday evening, or Tuesday evening at the latest....

erm...i meant *this* Monday or Tuesday right?

sorry for the extended delay. forced job hunting has quelled my hobby-duties a bit. but rest assured it *will* get done!
Is there any update on this contest? I know the judges have more important things to do but it has been about 3 weeks since the original result release date.
That will be my fault. I've had a local emergency - ferret needed surgery to remove a tumor - plus a new money-making project that took precedence.

I'm also having trouble with one game still. If it does not compile tonight, then I will disqualify it from my judging and send what results I do have to Gughunter as quickly as possible.
Thanks digi -- I'll email you!
Is it alright to know what games are entered - and which compile sucessfuly?
Iím sorry to be such a bothersome but I was wondering what is the current status on the BYOBG results.
gah! I totally wigged out about this due to a new teaching job with a local tech school. Guy has sent me the compiled dmbs that I had trouble with, and I will review the remaining 2 games this weekend. Gug can then post the results as early as he can! Very sorry for the delay!

Chibi, you'll know when we know! :D
Once again, I'm sorry for being somewhat annoying, but what is the current status on the BYOBG results? wrote:
Once again, I'm sorry for being somewhat annoying, but what is the current status on the BYOBG results?

I've tried out all the games playing against myself, but there are a few I want to play against live opponents so I can determine how to rank them relative to each other. I'll have to check with digi about his progress.

digi is done! I've just forgotten to send the report to you, Gug. I played against Alathon (an advantage of having another BYONDer in the same city), so we were fairly thorough in our analysis. Will send my results as soon as I get home!
*Half a year later and membership expired* Anyone there?
As stated before, I am sorry for being such a bothersome but I am still somewhat eager to see what place my game took. What is the current status for the BYOBG results?
my fault for dropping the ball. the real world is just taking way too much of my attention.

Gug just recently poked me about this, and i will dig out the results on my comp at home and send them to him at first possible opportunity! most likely this evening (Europe time)