One thing is for sure..

There is no orignal dbz game on byond but the owners makes a slightly small change and call their game orignal. SO what do you think are they orignal dbz gamez. Or NO.

So the question of the week is

Is there any such a feature that can make a rip game an orignal game?

Share your explanations to us and the features that makes a rip game orignal. At the end of the week the best explanation will get promotion to a higher rank.

Do Not copy other ideas.

No. It's an impossibility. The concept itself doesn't make sense.
It does make sence.

it can be the mapp that make a difference the icons of a combination of a few ideas to make it an orignal dbz game.

And yes you have a point there Popisfizzy.
It doesn't make sense because it's essentially asking, "Is there anything I can do to this stolen stuff to make it no longer stolen." Examples of the absurdity:

1) Well, I just stole this bike. If I paint it blue, I guess it won't be stolen anymore!
2) I just stole this candybar. If I eat it, then it won't be stolen anymore!
3) I just kidnapped this girl. If I cut off her arm, she definitely is different and isn't kidnapped anymore.
popis is kina tellin the truth but fuck the game play like tool hud and coding
Dragonball games aren't yours in the first place, you could make your own and it still wouldn't be entirely original.

So far Popis have the best explanation...

yah he does even if i have my own dbz game but still my game its not all original not even roc is original i dont really see no original games no more and hamza can my game join your guild
In a way you can make it "original" but you can't officially declare it yours. The way to do that is to only take the coding as a... skeleton for your own coding. Using it to see what makes something work. You modify the code make it better and change everything else in the game. Icons, mapping, quests, storylines, gameplay. Everything completely strip it of the original design and completely remake it while of course still using the skeleton coding. Of course some coding will be yours but it will still contain the ripped coding thus keeping it from being "original" of course the real answer comes down to a person's definition of original. If you mean everything down to the coding was all thought up by you then no, you can't take a ripped game and claim originality no matter how much you changed and edited in it.