One of the best feelings I can get out of a news article is finding out that some great thing long believed to be lost has been found. So, as you may imagine, I now have a big smile on my face from reading this article:

UPDATE: By the way, I seem to remember Deadron mentioning a band that scored its own soundtrack for Metropolis (which was released as a silent movie). Looking at Wikipedia -- the article,, is worth a look -- it turns out that many people have undertaken this effort, including Giorgio Moroder, pop mastermind of the 1980's.

UPDATE 2: It turns out that not only does the Wikipedia link not work -- it doesn't even work when I explicitly code it as an HTML tag! If your heart is really set on reading the article, though, you will find the strength to type the closing parenthesis.
That is really cool!

Sadly, this whole story probably would have made a much better through-line for the most recent Indiana Jones movie too.
Wow! I've seen numerous cuts of Metropolis, including one that attempted to make up for some of the missing footage by displaying still drawings while explaining what was missing.

I've also seen multiple soundtracks for the film, and as Gug mentions, my favorite is from the band that I also consider one of my favorite bands in general, Alloy Orchestra.

Hmm, they are deserving of their own post where I can discuss which films I most enjoyed.

Anyway, I'll definitely be there whenever they release an update to Metropolis...
I've heard a lot of good things about Metropolis, although I've also heard that compared to modern stories the movie just doesn't have much to go on any more -- that it floats more on its status as a classic than it does on any other merits.

It was on Turner Classic Movies a few weeks back, but I was busy watching something else at the time and I didn't remember that it was on until halfway through... so I did the right thing and kept watching my other movie, so as to not ruin anything. I do mean to watch the film at one point or another, but so far I haven't seen anything that makes me feel compelled to do it right away.

Did they mention what the run length of the newly-discovered-old-version was?

[edit]Wow, that's a weird bug. Apparently it doesn't work. I felt all morally superior for a minute there, hoping to prove the almighty Gughunter wrong. "Lo, a petard!" I said, "I believe I shall hoist myself upon it!"
I've heard a lot of good things about Metropolis, although I've also heard that compared to modern stories the movie just doesn't have much to go on any more

It certainly doesn't stand up to the best we have to offer today, but I guess it'll have to make due with being a classic contemplation of the duality of man, the worker/management split, and the impact of technology on society.

Also, anyone who says that: Moron. And I mean that in a Moron-positive way.
[00:47] <JT> Huh, Metropolis has #67.
[00:47] <JT> There's a movie that was ahead of its time.
[00:47] <jotham> it's cool
[00:47] <ShuffleScuffle> it was but it's aged quite a bit
[00:47] <ShuffleScuffle> it's just not that interesting any more :(

Now if only I can remember who he even was... =)
Hey! The ending to 50 First Dates was pretty good...
I wonder how many people on BYOND have actually ever watched Metropolis, yet alone even heard of it.