Im Makin A New Game Me and Some other firends if you want o join just post it on page ill contact you and if ya want tell me what you can do and etc
.> kaz it be me sushiking
hows return of legends going?
why isnt legends on any more?
because i need a new host im makin a bter versian called Dragonball GT Return of the Demon Kings
i just made it so when yall log in yall get gm
so will every one have gm or.....
it depends you hate to join my true staff
how do i do that?
how do i do that?
you have do 1 of these things

GFX=Find nice pictures change the pixel of it?

Icon=Make Icons for the Base and turf icons?

Map=know how to code in turfs and need to know how to be creative

Code=Learn all the codes and all make races and other things

Design=for the hub or forum make topics

u play ROC that game sucks im ma check urs out
ok im still lookin for staff and a 24/7 host
ello just going through peoples things ^w^

--close name resebblence O.o--
i see
KAZ MAN IM BACK xD its me TheDEADLY and around august 10th i can hot m8 =D so get the game up and running so i can host and im gonna be back on the 5th comp comes on the 10th or so it says so yea xD
lol cya then kaz
so yea i can basically host 24/7
You have a total of 3 good games in your guild.
no kaz lol i cant host....... u scare me sometimes but yes i will host for u if my computer allows me.... i know that the dang stats say something on the site but that means nothing to me.... when i get the computer i will find out and well get this S.O.B up and runnin....
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