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In response to my last post, AnNoYaNcE.FaCtOr asked, "What's with the bunny and the dinosaur?"

Well, the bunny is actually Eeyore, perhaps the best character ever created in literature. He is defined on that site this way:

Eeyore, a very gloomy, blue-gray donkey, is stuffed with sawdust. Despite this, Eeyore is a very intelligent animal, although he keeps most of his knowledge to himself. That's why he is very quiet most of the time and a bit depressed.

Eeyore lives at the 100 Acre Wood Southeast, in his 'Gloomy Place'. His favourite food is thistles. Eeyore loves being remembered on his birthday and hates being bounced.

Eeyore biggest problem is that his tail keeps coming off (he has lost it many times). His other concern is that his house keeps falling down (he has to rebuild it again, and again, and again.....).

I like him for being depressed by nature yet nonetheless soldiering on and taking things as they come. I particularly appreciate this particular doll because it was given to me as a gift from my partner at a time that I not only wasn't expecting it at all, but I was being perhaps the biggest jerk of my life to him at the very moment it was given to me. The dissonance of receiving a gift that only my partner would know to give me at a time when I didn't deserve it in the least is something that comes back to me each time I notice the doll.

The dinosaur is the dorky character played by Wallace Shawn in Toy Story. That film was important to me for many reasons requiring too much explanation for this particular post, but you know it's important because of the few out and out toys I have, two of them are from that movie.

Given that there appears to be interest in the tchotchkes on my desk, and because each of them is meaningful to me in some way, here's a line-up of all of them:

I was called Eeyore in college. Apparently, sitting around on benches for hours at a time (because commuting back and forth would result in the loss of a parking spot) looks roughly as depressing as it is.
Obviously Eeyore is gay.
My computer desk is populated largely by empty tea cups, drumstick wrappers, microchips, guitar picks and those interesting little jacks you get for fitting different sized audio wires into other audio wires.

I'd upload a picture but I really, really need a cup of tea. :(
I have too much crap on my desk to write it all. There's a whole stack of Playstation 1 games, another stack of PC games, a rather large stack of CD's/CD-R's/DVD-R's, bank statements/phone bills, and lots of post-it notes.
My desk is actually not too bad at the moment. Normally there are 3 or 4 teacups, a load of games, 3 cakes of CD/DVD+-Rs, A webcam, a heap of papers, letters, envelopes, CD cases, my PC and associated stuff, a calculator, an empty Nescafe jar and Jagged Alliance 2 which I like to keep close at hand in case of sudden fits of tactical squad based combat. I might take a pic of my general desk area tomorrow.

This is about a 6 month old picture (try to guess what celebration) of me and my brother. He's playing company of heroes on my PC, you can just about see the desk.

Me wearing a weirdly shapeless brown top.
My desktop is currently populated by a stuffed beanie-baby Roots Beaver, who hangs off of my left speaker thanks to a strategically-placed elastic band. Otherwise, my mascots consist of dirty napkins from dinner, an empty chip bag, a roll of paper towel that I forgot to put back on the dispenser, my toothbrush and toothpaste, a half-empty can of Dr Pepper, and about 37 cents in change.
Jtgibson wrote:
a roll of paper towel that I forgot to put back on the dispenser

Kleenex are softer.
Kleenex fall apart when you're trying to clean off pizza sauce. They're for dinner, not certain other deeds. ;-)