Murder Mansion

by SuperSaiyanGokuX
Murder Mansion
Not for the faint of heart...
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As with a good number of games, there is a miniature learning curve for Murder Mansion mainly because there is not thorough help guide.

The controls are straight forward; you use the arrow keys to move and the left mouse button to do your basic actions such as picking up and using items to your advantage.

Some could consider this somewhat of a sand box type of game in which you can basically pick up most items and use them to your advantage. You are not constricted to just the mansion, but instead you can roam around on its property and even walk upon the roof.

While role playing is highly encouraged to get the most use from the game, there is only one game mode. In this mode one murderer is randomly picked and must exterminate the players in the mansion without getting caught. While the other players must identify who the murderer is, once you have a vivid thought on who the murderer is, you can use the phone to report him/her. If you are wrong you will automatically die by some mystical force.

The gameís setting is inside a mansion where the weather condition is always stormy and the time of the day is constantly night. There are numerous rooms in the mansion ranging from a restroom to a kitchen. As stated previously, users can go outside and potentially slip on the wet ground. They can also, but rarely, get struck by lighting.

This game lacks a detailed guide in which tells you the basic controls for Murder Mansionís interface. But due to the simplicity of the game, users can pick it up quite quickly.

The graphics are very nice besides the player model. It is quite dull with no sort of shading on it at all. But the style of it fits perfectly with the current graphics. The map of the mansion is portrayed so nicely that you can almost imagine a place actually looking like it.

There is an extensive assortment of sounds which immerses you into the game. You can hear lighting and wind outside and even footsteps by near by players.

Though the idea is not original as there have been countless short stories and probably movies of a murder in the mansion, the game was one of the top survival games for BYOND.

Murder Mansion is a great game with a pleasant role playing environment. Though the game is not as popular as it uses to be, when hosted, time flies by as you are left guessing rather or not you should pick up the phone and report a potential murderer. I highly propose this game to users who are into survival based games and are looking for a nice environment to role play in. The only thing I wish is that there was an active forum in which the community can participate in discussion about the game.
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Troy1121 wrote:
nice review by the way could you buy me a membership

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The review is good except for a few things:

- Murder Mansion is rarely ever hosted and when it is, the people on the game are too illiterate to role play most of the time, taking into question the point of the game being a pleasant role playing environment.

- You didn't make any mention of the
bugs that pop up and anything about the AI.

Anyway, good review.
Thank you Metamorphman.

The last review where I based the overall score on the community did not work out well, so I decided to soly base my reviews just on the game itself.

Sorry I failed to mention the bugs, and with the AI, they are also too buggy so I would recommend playing with people.
As a Murder you have to be careful if someone see you you are a goner
Troy1121 wrote:
nice review by the way could you buy me a membership

That's actually pretty hilarious.
this is retarded. nobody hosts and this game is awsome and pwns.
This game rocks, but nobody host, I would host if I could ...
You need to find a 24/7 Host...
XzxBlackOutxzX wrote:
this is retarded. nobody hosts and this game is awsome and pwns.

I couldn't agree more.
This reviews is off, this game is fairly repeditive ,and very original. Yet you have it the other way around, I mean what other game let's a group of players play as detectives trying to find evidence to convict a murderer?
hardly any, and none on byond.

If anything, Originality is this games strong point and gameplay is it's weak point due to it's repeditive nature.
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Best game ever!
Troy1121 wrote:
nice review by the way could you buy me a membership

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Troy1121 wrote:
nice review by the way could you buy me a members

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