If you like "Pokey the Penguin" or Jeff K or "Fat Chicks in Party Hats" or any of the numerous other Internet diversions that derive the lion's share of their appeal from surreally mangled English and the haunting possibility that the author may genuinely be afflicted with mild retardation, then you may like this. If not, I don't blame you, and in fact I may even envy you a bit. fruit-mystery-it-gives-them-the-dangerous-poos/
Holy frickety frell. I think my brain needs an enema.
Cashews aren't fruit.

To my credit, I contributed the following message of condolences to Zookeeper Steve:

"your name thanks: steve
your massage: ha ha i ma steev too u suck ranger steve"
People only direct people to Salad Fingers when they haven't met Spoilsbury Toast Boy.
People only direct people to Spoilsbury Toast Boy when they haven't met JERRY JACKSON
Jtgibson wrote:
Cashews aren't fruit.

Actually, they are!
No, they're not. They come from a fruit, but they're seeds.