While looking for a good way to popup a folder when I hit a shortcut combo, I ran into this: Keyboard shortcuts for Windows. It's a simple list, but it's got a lot of things I never knew. The the fantastic "Windows+Break" to pull up the System Properties. This is a small thing, but it will be very helpful to remember.

It was, however, missing my two favorite shortcuts.

1. Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Pulls up the Task Manager, which doesn't automatically come up with Ctrl+Alt+Del on most machines inside a business.
2. Windows+L: Locks the system, so the password must be entered to use again, but doesn't close any programs. This is really useful in a business environment where you want to keep people out of your computer.

Call this my public service announcement. I know it's odd for me to mention Microsoft without it being in reference while talking a competitor, but I can't always be a hater.
Windows+L is going to be a ton of help for me in college, so thank you(I didn't know of it before).
Windows+L actually does the 'switch user' action when avaliable. Which is basically logging you out without terminating your session. Ctrl+Break only works on a few systems, not all Windows XP systems respond to it. And Ctrl+Shift+Esc is pretty much identical to Ctrl+Alt+Del except most companies forget to place protection against it. Good times.

There's quite a few more too, but I can't recall them off the top of my head.
Windows Logo + D = Minimize all <3 I have been using that one for years :D
Ctrl+Shift+Esc is better because it bypasses the "Windows Security" page that only pops up if you are on a domain server. All the computers at the office are on a domain server, so it takes one step out of the process, and it is a big help for me.

As for Ctrl+Break, I actually said that wrong, seems it's Windows+Break. So far every machine I've tried it on it works.
Yeah, Win+Break is the combination you were looking for. But like I said Ctrl+Break actually works on SOME machines. The WinXP machine I got the other day works with it, but this one doesn't.