My mom's cancer stopped growing. It isn't shrinking either, but considering how aggressively it was growing originally, stopped is a good thing.

She has inoperable pancreatic and liver cancer, which is just about as bad as it gets. She took a couple of chemo treatments, but quit a few weeks ago since they made her feel so bad. And they aren't curative either, just a delaying tactic.

Wish her a miracle for me.
Best of luck to your mother.
I have heard that cannabis does wonders after chemotherapy. Apparently doctors try to prescribe it in pill form, but the patients usually vomit so much that it's quite impossible to take the pill. Some people have tried other methods for the smaller children, such as one mother put some cannabis in a cookie and baked it.

My suggestion is that if your mom is open to it, to smoke some marijuana after a chemotherapy session. I know how crazy that sounds, but it has been shown to help restore appetite and she'll probably not feel sick after it. I suggest doing some research, and showing your mom, it could help a lot.

[It would probably work better if you went to a doctor and got it prescribed or recommended.]
Sorry to hear that, Flick. I've known plenty of people with cancer in my day and it's never easy for them or their families -- keep your hopes high, high hopes around her will keep her hopes high as well.
SpikeNeedle wrote:
I have heard that cannabis does wonders after chemotherapy.

I would second this. My Aunt had pancreatic cancer, and she started smoked marijuana after a month of chemo. I'm guessing it helped to some extent, because she continued to be on it. It doesn't completely remove the effects of the Chemotherapy, but it does dull it quite a bit. I can't tell you if it is purely psychological, or if there's a chemical property to THC. it is worth looking into, at the very least.

Hi my mum has been going through cheemo. She has cervixial cancer or something like that. But i'm afraid to say she dieing. Her cancer started to shrink and then started to grow again. Now she is sudated she can't talk,move or walk. Her days are counted im at the hospital everyday since her health just going. It's horrible disease and i'm going to be lost without my mum since i know theres no way she can come back and she is only of the age of 40.
I'm really sorry to hear that Rick. It's a terrible thing, especially for somebody that young. She's my age.

Wish a little miracle Rick's way too...
Rick and Flick, I wish them both the very best. Sometimes I actually get my wishes, but not consistently, so in the meantime be sure to let your moms know they are loved and appreciated.
Thanks guys and i hope the very best for you too flick. It's a terrible illness. I'm actually going to be doing a 3k bike ride for the hospice shes in. It's like a hospital but they care for you more and you pay for it.
Well it happened. 28/7/2008 im from england btw. She died at 12:00 today.