Here's the deal. I have to judge the BYOBG contest and I've finally played all the entries -- but I've only played them against myself. [1] Before I render a final verdict I'd like to get the full two-competing-minds experience, so I need to play against someone who isn't me. (I'm tempted to assign my marks and be done, but the contestants took the time to write the games and they deserve a fair hearing -- amazingly enough, all six entries are credible contenders.)

The rules dictate that each of the games is designed to be playable in 20 minutes (average for experienced players) and they do all meet that guideline, more or less. So an hour or so should be enough time for you to get acquainted with a game -- I've already played them so I can help you get up to speed -- and play two bouts with me.

If you expect to be online in the next few days and would be willing to help me put a contest entry through its paces for an hour (90 minutes, tops), volunteer your keyname in the comments here. If I see you online when I'm testing, I may ask for your help. (If it isn't convenient for you at the time, you may of course decline.) If I get multiple volunteers, odds are good that I will not need them all, so if I don't call upon you, please don't feel slighted.

That's about it. Thanks!

[1] If you don't know how to multi-key on a locally hosted game: you have to host the game, log out of the pager, log into the pager under an alternate key, and enter the port number under "open location". You can use the mouse or alt-tab to switch windows; unfortunately, "cascade windows" or "show windows side by side" doesn't seem to work with BYOND.
Though I submitted a game I would not mind helping you test out the other entries. I can basically help at anytime of the day.
I'm in the same boat as the person who posted below me, who has stolen the initials that people used to use to address me.
I'll throw my name in the hat if you still need someone.