I'm not going to be posting this message on the Members page yet since I'm not quite where I want to be, but I'm getting closer (who would have thought) to the event I wanted to wait to post on the Members page for; public testing. Public testing of what? If you frequent the forums, you already know, but apparently a lot of people don't do that. Anyway.

Sigrogana Legend is back in development. And it has been since... Mid-April. Now, this is probably something you'd think I would announce back then, but to be honest, I had reservations; first of all, the tried and extremely true 'DON'T ANNOUNCE ANYTHING YOU HAVEN'T DONE YET' slogan that BYOND is proud of. I felt that if I announced it too soon, many of the things I wanted to try with the game would feel pressured on me, and if I couldn't end up making them happen, I would feel disappointed and fall out with the project again.

However, three months later, and I've made some really good progress with the game and I'm surprised how well it seems to be going. The game has, essentially, been completely redone due to bad coding practices, but thanks to BYOND 4.0 and a little bit of effort, the game looks far better than it did way back when.

In addition, it plays a lot better than it did back in the day too; many changes and improvements have been made in the way to help make the game feel... more like a game, which is a weird feeling to describe, but it's one of the ones I've managed to curb.

I'm not entirely sure just how many or who amongst you lurks this blog, and since this won't be on the Members page, it's hard to think of just who played Sigrogana Legend like a year or so ago. I know that at least one of my blog watcher, Ryokashi, did, but then again I don't know to what length.

That big digression aside, the only things holding me back from public testing is one thing; content. Even with all of the work I've put into the game, this is something that will always bug me because I will always feel that there is never enough.

This is mainly in the vein of areas to explore, quests, things to do, class functions, and such. Oh content, you generic bastard. Fortunately, with the way the system is now, it's probably easier than ever to add these things, and it will probably be my primary focus.

Don't worry, though; it shouldn't take too long. I don't want to add TOO much to the game, only to find a game-breaking bug (none yet, but knock of wood) and have to redo a lot of stuff as a result.

Sorry for the delay in posts; I was worried that it might happen, which is why I put them both as posts here instead of Members page ones.

Hopefully the next blog post will be an announcement that public testing is open.

If you want to keep better track of what I've been doing and how fast it's going, I keep a topic on my forum open for this very purpose; I tend to post everything I've done so far there as it happens. The Worklog, on the NEUS Project forums.

I've also kept a small collection of screenshots of the game; mostly things that were 'newly developed', so they've probably changed by the time you've seen them in the game, but just the same, here's the link to the screenshots section.

Feel free to post comments/questions here, too, if you like.
Hurrah, it returns!
I know this might not be the place to say it but, thanks for making so many roleplaying games! I love Mitadake High and I'll probably love this too!
I have yet to play this game, but I'm sure it's gonna be pretty good. By the way you're talking, you've got me interested. Besides, some of my friends have told me it's awesome. Hope you have it opened pretty soon for me to try out. In either way, thanks for all of your hard work on role playing games. I love Mitadake High. I'm sure I'll love this one too.