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Math=Memorizing Formulas? Kakashi24142?command=view_post&post=45895
Select Resources->Articles for the free goodies

New Guild/ Accepting New Games. Shrieker?command=view_post&post=45783
The Original Game Club -- for games not derived from someone else's existing (and possibly stolen) project

Browsers Kuraudo?command=view_post&post=45744
I'm too cheap to pay for Internet access on a cell phone, but if you're not, read this

Along The Tech Tree: Dodging Lightning BYONDStrategy?command=view_post&post=45737
Another excellent roundup of strategy-type stuff

Night Fantastic by Zilal 1721601?command=view_post&post=45690
If you've never tried it, get some friends together; a great example that a game doesn't have to be fancy to be good

WINE Bug Progression - BYOND Linux Repositories LinuxGuild?command=view_post&post=45664
It's about Linux and BYOND, but that's all I know