Red Cap

by Lesbian Assassin
Red Cap
An action/strategy game inspired by a popular tale.
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Red Cap is an extremely simple game to pick up and start playing for hours. Upon logging in the user gets to choose what fairy tale character they would wish to play as, ranging from Robin Hood to The Big Bad Wolf. The story is Red Cap (Little Red Riding Hood) must deliver the basket filled with cures to a town stricken with a deadly illness. But there is not a path of gold leading you there as such enemies as the Wolf are trying to stop you in your tracks. Each night you do not transport such goods members of the town’s community dies. But you do have some good on your side such as the Archer.

The time of the day changes from daylight hours to hours of darkness, this gives certain creatures advantages. Thus, it would be to Red’s best to try and deliver the goods during the day time. The setting is in a forest-like area where the “Bad Guys” roam the town area. Each character possess different strengths which you could lead your team to success.

The help guide is fairly uncomplicated but there is no reason for it to be advanced. The arrow keys are used to control your character while the center key is used to employ your “special” ability.

The graphics fit the game perfectly as they are quite cartoonish. What would make this game so much better is if there was sound, after playing for a while it would be quite neat to hear arrows flying past your head as you nearly dodge such a projectile.

The idea of sticking some of the most beloved fairy tales into a “war zone”, and their mission is to either deliver or stop the delivery of a basket is a great idea. This is probably the best non played action game on BYOND.

While Red Cap is over six years old, it still possesses the distinctiveness it had when it was released many years ago. Now there is no longer a subscription for this game so all users, new and old, can get the special features that was once was sacred. As stated before, the thing I wish this game had was sound effects, it would just give you the feeling of actually being in the game. It seems like Hedgemistress does not visit BYOND too often so do not expect to see any updates any time soon. But I would recommend this game to any user especially if you want to waste a few hours.
I'm glad someone finally recognized this game, while it's only the trial version she released it's still a damn fine game. I still remember the first test sessions that Lexy ran, there were so many people logged in that you couldn't find a character to play half the time. It was insanely fun.