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It's good the weekend has arrived, because I could really use a weekend right now...and with the weekend has arrived three things I just found out about in the last day, all of which are delighting me on the beginning of this glorious end of the week:

1. The Guild, a free and very funny video podcast about the travails of a group of guild mates. It's been going for a year, no idea why I hadn't heard of it (the writer/main character was apparently on the last season of Buffy...)

2. Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon's formerly free (now $4) series of video blogs by a regular down home evil guy who's just trying to be accepted for who he is. Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion (of Firefly fame), and Felicia Day (the actress who created The Guild). Did I mention it's a musical blog? Yup.

3. Depths of Peril, an indie Diablo-like game. Actually, more like Diablo on steroids. I got interested in this when Felicia Day (mentioned in the first two items) said she was playing it, and then I heard or saw another reference on the same day. I've just started playing it, but one of the things that attracted me is that the NPCs are playing the same quests and game as you are, which is always something I've wanted to put into a game. There's a free demo, and the game is $20.

So, never say I didn't not give you anything!

#1 and 2 I knew about, but 3 is news to me. I'll have to check it out.
If you like The Guild, you might want to look at MediocreFilms and LKGProductions. I've found that I generally like the things that Kim Evey works on.
I found Dr. Horrible a couple of weeks ago when it was mentioned at Dubious Quality. Absolutely priceless.
I found it a few days ago and was really impressed. It's a great short story, and rather brilliant. I really hope it is a sign of what's to come in web based media.
I watched all 7 seasons of Buffy (via DVD), and Firefly (also via DVD), and enjoyed them quite a bit. Dr. Horrible is another success; the second watch-through is even better than the first. Supposedly it's coming out on DVD, and if so, I'd buy it.

Being a fan of Westerns, I'd like to see Bad Horse get his own series.

By the way, the Bad Horse theme reminds me of another song. (Not an accusation of plagiarism -- great minds run in the same channels and all that.) Hopefully my posting this isn't a copyright violation; after all, I downloaded it from the Internet, so it must be legit:
Apparently, Dr. Horrible is still available for free despite the given expiration date. It was a good thing for me since I can't use iTunes on Windows 98SE. I really liked it. =)