Let me preface this post by saying that I do not encourage any BYONDer or any other person to use illegal substances; and furthermore, with respect to the particular illegal substance that forms the basis of this story, I believe (and it is a rather well-informed belief) that at least some of the ill effects commonly attributed to it, such as the "amotivational syndrome" and the "Fear" and the "munchies", do have basis in fact, and moreover, are potentially significant and even potentially fair justifications for its continuing illegality, and are deserving of honest consideration and debate.

That said, this is, as Rachl Lukis points out in her headline, "a story full of fail." a-story-full-of-fail/
What bothers me about people these days is the simple lack of personal responsibility. Why is it anyone's business what we put into our bodies?

I'm reading the article now, just figured I'd say that. I always despised "The War on Drugs", even though I've always chosen not to partake in any.

Edit: Just finished reading. That is seriously messed up. And it wasn't even over that serious of a drug. Its decriminalized in Oregon. What the hell?