As of the time of this posting, I'm opening the game up for a public testing period. If you didn't even know the game was being updated again, might I suggest glancing over this post of mine since it details all of that stuff.

If you don't know what the game is, I'll summarize; it is a multiplayer roleplaying game (as in actual roleplaying, not just sitting in the genre). That's a very generic summary. For more on what's all in it, check the previously linked post for screenshots/game details or check the hub entry, or even better yet, the game itself.

If you happen to join the game, please take a minute to read the Foreword from the Developer, as it details some things that I don't want to re-list here.

You can join the game by clicking the link just to your right under 'Cool Games', and finding the server listing. I'm not sure how long I'll be keeping the server open (it ultimately depends on if any bugs and such are discovered), but it should be at least a few hours.

Thanks for reading.
Judging from the screenshots the game seems it'll be one of those games on Byond I've been searching for. A good system to follow good gameplay.

I presume it'll be a RPG judging from the shop, characters, etc.? Good work.
It's a great game.When it's done with testing phases you'll need multiple servers on DoS.This is a great game and I would write a review if I could,sadly I am not a member.I love the originality and the gameplay,the battle system is also amazing.But the magic is lacking Icons(Though it doesn't need Icons.I just wish it was hosted more often.You can't do anything about that though.There may still be bugs.
Good game, I have to say. I joined it for a few minutes before, but only had time enough to make my character. >.>

Anyway... you should try to find a host that can host it 24/7 while you do the coding/spriting/iconning for the game. This will allow people to enjoy the game WHILE it's being worked on.

Anyway... that's my opinion. I hope you agree with me. ^^
After I saw the game on my Pager, I jumped straight to here to check out the news! I'm going to check it out, but my RP skills got very rusty over the summer. (No Byond. D:) So, I guess it'll be worth to check out!
hi o.o XD
wow a great game it just has to be hosted more often
I absolutely love your game. It's is one of my favorites now. I just have one complaint. I remember a longtime ago I played this game and when i played it, I had the ability to change into the animal daemon I chose as a race. Now I can't. Could you please put that feature back and if not please tell me the reason why. I won't get all defensive I just want to be heard. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. ^_^
sorry i dont no how tp post my own post but um. I made a yusie fudo D runner icon. its the same thing as urs but i just made it look the the wheels are moving. like going areound and stuff. I just made it for YOU for YOU cna use in ur game. if u want the icon, its in " Icon Share" all start working on the onther ones. so thanks