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I’m going to make this quick and short. With college coming up within just a few weeks I know I will not have too much time to commit to my hobby, programming. So I really need to get “cracking” on projects that are important to me. To be honest, I have yet to touch the A.I. portion for Fortay for a few weeks, and I doubt seeing such an update come before school starts.

Though I have not hosted this game as much, from previous testing I saw a runtime error randomly occurring which sometimes crashes this game. If anyone gets a chance, while playing the game please copy and paste this error on my forums. As with an update, as stated before I most likely won’t get to adding in A.I. but I may add in a couple of new maps and probably some new factions. I have ten alien graphics from a previous project of mine waiting to be used and I believe they could fit the Fortay style with some work.

I’m also getting engrossed with writing once again, the last time this happened I was around six and this “hobby” ended when I was about thirteen. I have some great concepts that could possibly work into games, so hopefully everything turns out well.
What're you majoring in?
I will most likely major in something dealing with business, I'm leaning towards Accounting.
Ew, have fun ;)
Yeah, that is what I have been getting a lot from people. I really do not know exactly what I want to do for sure so for now I am going the route of Accounting. People have told me that I should get into game design or something quite similar to it but I consider it more of a hobby, I would never want to do this for a day job.