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To make it more likely I'll get around to publicizing interesting blog posts I've encountered, I'm going to try using Google Reader's sharing functionality. This creates an RSS feed/web page containing blog posts I've chosen to highlight.

If you are one of the millions who just doesn't have enough information sources pouring into your life, then surely you'll want to follow along through the web page or RSS feed.

Never fear, I will continue to post here in more depth on items that particularly catch my interest.
I do star a lot of things in the Google Reader, but it seems to me that if someone is already used to using Google Reader, they probably are already suffering from information overload. I know I am. But simply put, I love Google Reader. I don't know how I kept up with the Internet before it.

I have feeds connected to every piece of software I find interesting, every comic I like(including your standard newspaper comics), and plenty of news websites and whatnot. It's just so handy.
I particularly enjoy Google Reader on the iPhone -- they've gone to great lengths to optimize the interface there, and it started out good and recently took a big step up.