On a much more positive note than usual (huzzah?!), I'm in the process of finishing up my work for 6agency during Copenhagen Fashion Week SpringSummer 2009 - Its a cool 20deg celcius in the broadcast room, most of the equipment we've rented has been returned (Courtesey of yours truly sitting on a floor for 6 hours straight trying to figure out where everything came from and who needs it back) and lunch is almost ready.

I suppose it might be prominent to mention what I actually do during Fashion Week. I'm not a model, and I don't take pictures; My job 'slot' in the telephone list thats hanging on the wall has me labelled simply as 'IT' and I suppose thats fairly accurate. I help set up the broadcast room and equipment, and manage it during the week. I also do other IT-related things like converting videos for YouTube and FLV formats, doing press clips (what the news channels get for making their story) and similar.

The room I'm sitting in now is, for 10 months a year a simple meeting room. Its about 2m by 6m and has a single machine in it as standard. Right now, the room has:

A soundproof server rack case on wheels with a Tandberg Encoder (for streaming digital video), an OSX server (for various purposes), a Dell 'PlayBox' (which runs a program called AirBox PRO, used as our playlist program for our live feed)

Two HP machines with Quadro FX nVidia cards running a software suite called VizRT, for adding 2D graphics onto a TV feed (such as Ticklers at the bottom of the screen, logo overlays, etc). They're running EIZO screens at 18000KR each

3 Power Macs from January 2008 with the Penwin CPU and 8GB RAM each, one of which sports a 32" screen.

An older Sony TV, for watching our live feed via a cheap DVB-T reciever and antenna.

An NEC-3000 signal amplifier (Giant heavy white box with huge loads of inputs in it), to boost the digital signal we are transmitting from the roof of the building

A Panasonic Multi-format AV-HS400 (Video mixer)

Plus various smaller pieces of equipment (like a cheap IMG Stageline sound mixer, an AJA output box to translate Analog to Digital signal and vice versa, various monitors and DVCam recorders).

Overall, a pretty delicious room for anybody who likes to dribble over technology. This has been my home for the past two weeks, having only been away to sleep and change clothes. Over 160 hours clocked in since a bit over a week ago, lots of coffee, coca-cola, ginseng and vegetable power-drinks.

Its been a pretty successful week. Our podcast is the 6th most viewed in all of Denmark, and so far the videos on our website ( have over 10k views each after the first day. We've produced what is possibly the most historical fashion show during fashion week in Denmark, something that will be talked about for a long time within the fashion industry (Day Birger et Mikkelsen's 10 year anniversary fashion show).

Its going to be sad going back to regular workhours, 'normal' people (who aren't anywhere near as enthusiastic and cool as the people who I've been working with for the past three weeks) and sleeping more than 2 hours during a day. Alas, come February its time for another fashion week
Awesome, it sounds like an exciting place to work.
Awesome, it sounds like an exciting place to work.

Yeah, it is. Its awesome working with 'the best', its really a very different experience than working some usual job. I probably didn't get payed even a quarter of what I should have (if you look at what the others got payed, 2000 - 5000DKK a day) but I've got a bunch of great contacts and I learn a lot every fashion week about audio equipment, broadcasting, the fashion industry, IT, etc.